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Enlarge Cover Blindflug "Without Doubt"
Lauren Newton (voc), Emanuel Künzi (drums), Sebastian Strinning (reeds)



Enlarge Cover Joëlle Léandre "A Woman’s Work"
Joëlle Léandre's 8-box cd set, CD # 3 duo with L.Newton



Enlarge Cover Lonely Woman
Dizzy Krisch (vibes), Karoline Hoefler (bass), Billy Elgart (drums) featuring L.Newton

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Enlarge Cover Skip the Blues
two live concerts from 1982 + 1986 in Tokyo with Masahiko Sato,p.
released in 2014

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Enlarge Cover Sound Experience/Klangerlebnis
with Peter Schaerli, tpt, Sylwia Zytynska, perc, Jean Jacques Pedretti, tb.

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Enlarge Cover O HOW WE
Live concert recording in duo with Phil Minton, voc.

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Enlarge CoverConversations
Lauren Newton, Joelle Léandre - Live in Ljubljana

Listen to "Conversation III" (MP3, 1,9mb)


Enlarge CoverMoonstruck - Tryptich with CD/DVD/Artbook
Tetsu Saitoh, double bass, composition / Lauren Newton, voice / Kazue Sawai, koto, 17 string bass koto
www.kadimacollective.com, 2012

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"Wolf Moon" (MP3, 1mb)


Enlarge Cover2 Souls in Seoul
Lauren Newton, voice / Park Je Chun, percussion
www.leorecords.com, 2008

Listen to: "Seoul encounter" (MP3, 1mb)

  "2 Souls in Seoul is, ultimately, less specific than its name, or more involved in that ambiguity of place than we might imagine; Seoul has expanded, lost contour: Newton and Park are two souls everywhere." Stuart Broomer, Jan. 2008

Tenderness of Stones
Joachim Gies, saxes & electronics / Lauren Newton, voice
www.leorecords.com, 2007

Listen to: "Talking Stones"
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Ein Gedicht des Lyrikers Michael Speier, 'Wasser und Licht', erscheint in drei verschiedenen englischen Übersetzungen und auf Japanisch. Die Musik spürt dem Variantenreichtum der Kopien unter Verzicht auf das Original nach, indem sie die semantische Mehrdimensionalität der lyrischen Sprache in klangliche Offenheit transformiert.

The poem 'Water and Light' by Michael Speier is presented in 3 different English translations and in Japanese, omitting the original. "…Tenderness of Stones…presents music as a mode of philosophical inquiry-a kind of hermeneutic motion seeking and inscribing meanings that play at the edge of language." (S.Broomer)


Lauren Newton
www.leorecords.com, CDLR473, 2006

Listen to: "Soundsong 4"
- MP3 (490kb)
- RealAudio (320kb)

  Lauren Newton's first solo recording, is more than simply an exercise in virtuosity, it challenges the idea of virtuosity; the embrace of the unknown, the new space, the fresh encounter with one's self, the constant redefinition of boundaries. Not just sound, not just song-pure voice.
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Spring in Bangkok
Aki Takase, Lauren Newton
www.intaktrec.ch, CD 110, 2006

Listen to: "Der Wind ist Westwind"
- MP3 (310kb)
- RealAudio (200kb)

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Face it!
Lauren Newton, Joelle Léandre
www.leorecords.com, CDLR405, 2005

Listen to: "Face it"
- MP3 (590kb)
- RealAudio (390kb)


Artesian Spirits
with Patrick Scheyder, piano, and Vladimir Tarasov, drums, live in Borjomi, Georgia.
www.leorecords.com, cdlr419 2005

Listen to "Artesian Spirits"
- MP3 (800kb)
- RealAudio (520kb)


Color Fields
Newton, Huber, Puschnig,
www.unitrecords.com, UTR 4153, 2003

Listen to: "Extending Backstage"
- MP3 (550kb)
- RealAudio (360kb)


Timbre plus
w/ E. Tuchmann, O. Mörth, B. Mütter, J. Léandre, U. Leimgruber, F. Hauser
ARBE 11, 2003

Listen to "Aerophonic Movement 2"
- MP3 (670kb)
- RealAudio (430kb)


Out of Sound
w/ J. Léandre,b., U. Leimgruber,s.
Leo Records cdlr337 2002

Listen to "Zuzuben"
- MP3 (600kb)
- RealAudio (400kb)


The Lightness of Hearing
w/ P. Scheyder,p.
Leo Records cdlr347 2002

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- MP3 (850kb)
- RealAudio (650kb)


Trio L.T.D. & Bertl Mütter
Leo Records cdlr234 1996

Listen to "See Europe in Six Days"
- MP3 (600kb)
- RealAudio (400kb)


Anthony Braxton/Lauren Newton, Composition 192
Leo Records cdlr251 1998

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- MP3 (1000kb)
- RealAudio (700kb)



Frederic Rabold Crew
Package of Voices Ornament cs 54003 1976
Balance Calig cal30610 1977
Funky Tango MPS 0068242 1979

Vienna Art Orchestra
Tango from Obango Extra Platte 1002 1979
Serapionsmusic Moers Music 02050 1984
Jazzbühne Berlin 1985 Amiga 856168 1985

Masahiko Togashi, L.Newton&Peter Kowald
"Contrast" King Records,Japan(out of print)1983

Paolo Damiani
Musica Munta Orchestra "Anninnia" SSMEZ I.P. 26006(2) 1985
Unisono Clac Records z174212 1988

Thomas Horstmann
Zweitett ,"It's All Inside" Thomato lp30975 1987


Vienna Art Orchestra
Concerto Piccolo Hat Art cd 6038 1980
Suite for the Green Eighties Hat Art cd6054 1982
From No Time to Rag Time Hat Art cd 6073 1982
From No Art to Mo(z)art ,Vienna Art Choir Moers Music 2002 1983
The Minimalism of Eric Satie Hat Art 2005 1983
Five Old Songs, Vienna Art Choir Moers Music 02036 1984
A Notion in Perpetual Motion Hat Art cd 6096 1985
Nightride of a Lonely Saxophone Player Moers Music 02054&55 1985
Swiss Swing, Vienna Art Choir Moers Music 02060 1986
Two Little Animals Moers Music 02066cd 1987
Inside Out Moers Music 02062&63cd 1987
Blues for Brahms Amadeo 839105 1989
Innocence of Clichées Amadeo 841646-2 1990
Highlights 1977-90 Amadeo 513325-2 1992

Ernst Jandl
bist eulen? Extra Platte ex31614-2 1984
vomvomzumzum Extra Platte ex316145cd 1988
lieber ein saxophone Extra Platte ex316153cd 1989

Vocal Summit-L.Newton,J.Clayton,U.Dudziak, J.Lee & B.McFerrin
"Sorrow is Not Forever, Love is" Moers Music 02004cd 1982

Bernd Konrad
Marilyn-Wen die Goetter Lieben Creative Works cw1010-1 1981
Südpool Project 1 Bellaphon cdlr 45032 1990

Fritz Hauser
Zwei, Hat Art cd 6010 1988
Kimus#2, Hat Art cd 6012 1988

Paulo Damiani
Voices-live in Rome Innowo IN806 1989

Live bei Dacapo
EGM 001 1989

Eckard Koltermann
Wie Schrecklich Schwinden Unsere Kräfte NOM 00511-23190 1993

"London Eye,Paris Eye" Tokuma,Japan TKCA 70165 1993

Schaffhauser Jazzfest 1993
"Ma Na" JazzAid 01 1993

Jon Rose
Violin Music For Supermarkets Megaphone Records 016 1994
Eine Violine für Valentin No Wave, Bav.RadioNWcd 1995
Shopping ReRMegacorp RERJR4 1996

Secret Passion Orchestra
"Wait Until Dark" Unit Records UTR4098cd 1996

Kindertotenlieder, G.Mahler
"Five Dances" Klangräume 30140 1994

Choral Concert
"Passion" feat. Timbre Klangräume 30160 1994

-catalogue, 1st Klangräume 30170 1994

Not Missing Drums Project
"Urban Voices" Leo Lab cd 036 1997

Festival Concepts of Doing 1999
(various artists) 2000 concepts of doing 005 2000

Musik in Deutschland 1950 - 2000
Vokale Kammermusik BMG 74321 73533 2 2001

Lauren Newton
Timbre (Annual German Critics Award 1983), Hat Musics 3511 1983
w/ D.Friedman,vib..Th.Stabenow,b. & M.Kniel,dr.
2nd Room, 2nd Conversation w/U.Scherer,p. & others Extra Platte ex316143 1986
Voiceprint w/U.Scherer,p. &T.Horstmann,g. Extra Platte ex316147 1988
Art is...w/T.Horstmann,g. Leo Records cdlr219 1994
Timbre (vocal quartet) w/E.Tuchmann,O.Mörth,&B.Mütter Leo Records cdlr221 1995
Trio L.T.D. & Bertl Mütter Leo Records cdlr234 1996
18 Colors with Joëlle Léandre,b. Leo Records cdlr245 1997
Altered Egos w/P.Scheyder,p. & V.Tarasov,dr. Omba Records, Japan 004 1998

Anthony Braxton/Lauren Newton
Composition 192 Leo Records cdlr251 1998

(CD release of 1983 LP"Timbre") Hatology 519 1998

Frau Musica(nova)
New Music Festival, Cologne,(various artists) Frau Musica (WDR),001JHM, 1999

w/ M.Satoh,p. & V. Tarasov,dr. Baj Records,Japan BJCD-0009 1999

Out of Sound
w/J.Léandre,b., U.Leimgruber,s. Leo Records cdlr337 2002

The Lightness of Hearing
w/ P. Scheyder,p. Leo Records cdlr347 2002

Timbre plus
w/ E. Tuchmann, O. Mörth, B. Mütter, J. Léandre, U. Leimgruber, F. Hauser