"When talking about contemporary vocalists, there is no way to avoid Lauren Newton."... "Whoever has been following Lauren Newton's progress has been able to observe how, within only a few years, a talented singer has become one of the most exciting, imaginative and bravest vocal experimentalists of today's music scene." Basel News

"Even from today's viewpoint, Lauren Newton is an outstanding frontier-breaker between controlled artful music and jazz-like emotionality."… "One thing is clear: many will not be able to follow in the "voice"steps of Lauren Newton because they lack those vocal capabilities." Jazzthetik

"Newton sings,sighs,moans,clucks,recites - she uses her voice as an instrument with all its possibilities, and her talent is immense." I.S.B.

"A concert with Lauren Newton is never boring." Jazzpodium

"With unbelievable imagination and absolute consequence, Lauren Newton pulls all the stops of contemporary techniques and vocal expressions giving back the voice it's place as a most fascinating and unsurpassable instrument." Central Bavarian News


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"Delicately slow moving atonal improve set from vocalist Lauren Newton and Evan Parker-like saxophonist/electronics experimentalist Joachim Gies with intriguing results."
Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise July 2007


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